Why is nobody talking about this new wyvern?

I haven’t seen anyone owning this pet or anyone even mentioning it. Weird.

I did see several people with the wyvern and I saw several people talking about it…
and why should anyone talk about it…
its just a new wyvern lol


true tho
xd xd xdxdxd

Because you need to spend like 10000 tokens to get the familiar. The wheel is rigged, as we all already know.

Your rigged :sunglasses:

But all jokes aside, the wheel isn’t rigged it’s rng-based

It is rigged asf.

It’s a beauty, I must say. Too bad the “hair” of the wyvern ruins it. I was expecting something spiky or some sort.

Then again, the wheel is rigged. A reason as to why Jetrace died.

Exactly! I wish the wyvern had horns like all the other ones! I don’t like the design of this one.

Because I thought wyverns were supposed to rerun

It is a very cool pet and I have seen a few people using it and talking about it