Why is numbers actually illegal?

I’ve been thinking, when I first started. I wanted to get the name “1NB4”. But I was stopped because it was containing illegal characters, this also includes world names. Adding numbers first is illegal? I don’t get it…

yes, world can’t start with number I don’t know why though.

but you can start a world with these characters ^ [ ] { } \ and /

I know, but I still find it weird tho…

Was going to say that it might have something to do with the Player’s ID but I’ve just realized that the IDs starts with letters as well.

This may be an attempt to enforce more legible usernames. Take this for an example: The username joe6464 and 6464joe.

From a usability standpoint, joe6464 is much more better. Why? 'Cause it is easier to scan for the person’s name visually without knowing the numeric portion of their username. Or… to avoid confusion with usernames. If one were to create an account like: 1337420 for an example, and someone created a username similar as that: 1334720 or 1337421. Would you be able to memorize those people’s username or tell them apart? Of course not… well, most people won’t, I guess.

Another reason that I could think of is. In many programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, etc… variables must start with a non-numeric character.

At least from what I’ve heard, in programming all of these symbols: ^ [ ] { } \ and / are “considered as non-numeric”.