Why is sweetheart sword so rare?

Sweetheart sword came from 2020 candyworld booster. Why is it so rare if it was available from a booster? Will the candyknight katana also rise in price? Also, there is this world named SWEETHEARTHOARD that is owned by JAKE. For some reason Jake has hoarded sweetheart swords which makes no sense since he’s an admin probably bought them for wls he spawned for himself. Isn’t that a bit unfair? Now there are less and less Sweetheart swords because Jake hoards them.
edit: NVM Jake doesn’t hoard the swords.

dude devii13 hoarded them and jake confisticated the world because devii13 was banned

What?! Well that explains it. Kinda odd, I didn’t see any sign that said “Original owner has been banned.”
What was he banned for? So the new katana will most likely not rise in price if nobody hoards them.

yeah the katana probably wont rise that much and i don’t know why jake didnt say that owner was banned