Why many topic created in dec 20? (also give me screenshot nether vendor chassis blueprint please)

i just saw 20 december so much making topics replies
is it when the forum release? :v

also can someone go to nether if you meet vendor give me screenshot of the chassis :smiley:cause i not playing today

i want to get the jet
in a short T I M E

yeah it was when the forums released

why? i think the server starts crowded in a day

one more thing…
how much gems is 1pl
i want to buy as much gems as i can
im not a good buyer


New forums launched at 9th December, everyone were happy about new forums and made lot threads, forums started get abit more inactive since january.

I joined 15th December :smile:

oof i joined 1 month after it released
sadly not the first forumer :joy:
is 25 luxurious gem pounch are 1pl?

I believe that it was because of the Jet Contest. A lot of new forumers joined at the time to participate thus making the forums more alive.

For now there is only about 100 or less forumers who visits forums daily.

well 250-280k…

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 8.00.30 AM Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 8.00.45 AM
from the nether i took some screen shot yesterday

This screenshot from Kaluub.unknown-246

hmm we got more info bout lore now

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Its possible the threads are bugged my gamesofpw tournaments thread is bugged. If you, start from the top the date is “dec 20”, which is not correct. As the tournament occurred a day later. I saw this will all the posts before Jan 2

It is not bugged. I don’t know if you noticed this but it has a comma before the number 2. December '20 means December 2020 as in the year, not December 20.

If you actually pressed the edit button on your post, you’ll see the exact date on when it was originally posted.

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go to the second message, that was never edited.

You can also press the date, December '20 and it’ll show you the exact day it was posted.


Still, that’s a pretty good amount!

Im so dumb lol, idk why I thought it was the 20th of december.

this like a very cool crafting update :slight_smile: