Why PW is Better then GT

Ok Before you read, If you absolutely HATE Pixel Worlds, then don’t go saying “Omg you suck show wls in GT noob”, or anything like that. This is just a comparison between Growtopia and Pixel worlds.

For anyone who has been here before, if you see someone doing the things I said above, send them this thread. Please.

Ok, now to get to the point. We (Pixelians) have better servers. Little to no lag. It’s as simple as that. We also barely have scammers, hackers, and toxic people. Yes Toxicians (Toxic Pixelians) are more common, but they’re hard to run into. Scammers are hard to find unless you just world search you’ll find atleast a run-down drop game or drop game. Hackers, yeah “barely” was an under exageration. Never have I ever saw a hacker in my 4 years I’ve played PW. Never. That doesn’t mean there’s no hackers though. We also have more fun minigames, yes GT has things like surgery and crime fighting. But we have Netherworld, Card Tournements, Mining, and Fishing. All of these things can be profited with easily if you know what’s the best thing to use in these games. I did say we have better servers earlier, but let me tell you why. I recently did a comparision and for me, with good internet, took me about 1 minute to get into GT. While for PW, it only took 5 seconds. Another thing i should mention, our econemy is more stable then GT’s. Every expensive item was either unstable or was too expensive. Even when it didn’t have a reason for it to be expensive. It just was. While our econemy has a reason why it’s the way it is. Another reason, is most of our mods are active and are helpful. While 90% of GT’s mods have mod because they want to show off. GT’s mods are also VERY inactive. It took me about 5 days to reach a mod about a scammer. And they didn’t do ****. I also forgot to mention, 70% of the “players” are bots. While we don’t have those here. There’s also those people who hack your account (in GT) for no reason at all, other then for their personal gain. EVEN when you have 2FA on.

So for now, if you got this far thanks for reading. Let me know what you think about Growtopia.


They are extremely easy to find
I see some random guy fighting with another random guy every time i enter pixelstation

100% Agreed, in gt you atleast need 20 wls to do something fun

Most of our mods dont do their job properly and some silence you for having an opinion (Most doesnt mean all) and some mods take sides before hearing what the other person has to say. (After they pick their side good luck convincing them that you are the one whos right lol)

  1. I do run into Toxicans pretty commonly, but what I meant hard to fin is if you go to a normal world not a Dynamic World. Mostly because Dynamic Worlds have a lot of people and normal worlds don’t.

  2. Yep, i spent 2 dl’s just in surgery alone just to use all of my surgical tools in 4 rounds :confused: .

  3. I have experienced some of those mod’s, but most of the mod’s I saw were really chill so that’s why I said most mods are active and helpful.


Even if its about non dynamic world I still think there are a ton of toxic people


Lmao 20wls? In 2014 maybe. Everything just drains wls quickly meanwhile only farming is a reliable source of getting wls in gt.

Its super hard to catch up with everyone else in gt nowadays. I really like how the pw devs made it so ppl can profit off the fun stuff too (mining, nether)

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Most of the Non-Dynamic worlds I usually enter have really nice people. If you have questions they usually answer. If you want to buy something they’ll be nice about it. But yes there’s always those few players that are toxic.


I havent played gt since earily 2021
I got a few surgery tools with like 20 wls and all i could do is like 15 ish minutes of surgery
The last thing i did was give my items to my friend

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That’s what I mean. You can profit very easily no matter what you use, even if you farm you can earn like a few BC of of it. Farming in GT is annoying IMO as you 2 Magplants, which are like 100 dls total. then you’ll need Rayman’s fist which is like 400 dls. But even then it would take a few months even years just to earn back your wls.


I’m not even kidding, I got the hardest illnesses such as Lupus, and Massive Trauma. And I failed all of the times which took a lot of my tools for nothing.


Small correction: rayfist is 140dls, which adds up to 240 though still a super substantial number lmao. Atleast theres gaia’s beacon and unstable tesseracts.

Just saw the reply. Those illnesses are actually pretty simple if you learned how surgery works. Which requires ALOT of wls…

yeah i found a website that helped me practice, i ended up succeeding in massive trauma, but when i used the practice i still lost. I had to spam the antibiotics and defibrillator because of how much he kept getting sick and dying.


The only tricky thing about massive trauma is that all (? or most) of the patient’s conditions are red. The trick is to know what conditions to prioritize. The true hard disease is brain tumor

Anyway, we’re going off topic lol

That literally happens all the time lol


We are lol, and I knew the conditions to prioritize, like the blood loss, if he was dying or dead, and if he was getting sick. then i could start on the trauma for a few turns until they went red again.


Missing the fact that in gt when the servers are full (80 k ppl) 50 k are actually bots

I hope this post is just a joke but this is the sad truth

Well the pw servers are a bit laggy/buggy sometimes, for some reason it pretty much happens only during dungeons tho.
(nether, secret base, mining)

Like there are alot of visual bugs with all the enemies and also disconnetions issues.

Pw to starting players: Heres how to play. Here are some items, go do something

GT to starting players: Press space to punch
Ok now make 100 dl


It is a joke as it has the meme filter. yes i saw this post earlier

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I will add that, thanks for reminding me.

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