Why there is a limit of likes?

Never knew there was a limit of likes you can give like cmon , for 22 hours I can’t like anyone’s reply?!
This is not cool at all!


Luckily for me, I never like.


Because you shouldn’t spam likes… Don’t know what the limit is but don’t just like every post you read.

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It sucks that it’s a limit though :frowning:

Yeah, it feels so weird not liking every reply to threads I make.
I mean come on, people took the time to write replies and I can’t even give them a like without taking from my like count.
But I guess it’s there for a reason though, I have to get used to it.


Me knowing full well I’ve reached my limit, liking your comment because I agree with you:


I usually reply to posts with “Likes post” out of spite.
I’ll go full roleplay uwu owo mode and pretend to like posts if I can’t actually

ÒwÓ with glowing red eyes


Ok now the like limit is pissing me off

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I feel like this is implemented for a specific old forumer (jan6)
^not meant seriously
But i guess they should increase limit depending on activity or smth

I think it makes people value what posts they like, in opposed to the old forums where people just like a post/reply if they saw it.

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I usually reach my like limit every day, if I have the choice, I may as well use them.

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