Why Theres no More Support for Block Farming

I made this thread because I found that I was explaining this on many people’s suggestions. Feel free to link this topic to anyone who may need it.

What is Block Farming

In Pixelworlds, block farming is when a player breaks ‘farmable’ blocks to get gems from them, and then replants the seeds from the blocks with the purpose of harvesting them again and repeating the process. The game has seen a few farmables, with the most famous ones being the Candy Cane Block, the Bling Bling Block, and the Spikebomb. This was the first method of farming in pixelworlds and was used for about a year in the game. however since the release of the nether update, fishing update, and now the mining update, block farming has not gotten a upgrade for years.

Why is Block Farming Depreciated?

Block farming is depreciated and will most probably never get an update ever again. This is because the developers have decided that they want players to use different more enganging types of farming such as nether, fishing, or mining. The reason behind this is because with block farming it is quite boring for players and can make the game feel very grindy when you are repeating the same exact actions with no variation. Another reason is because botters can more easily automate block farming due to it being a simple repetetive action of place, break, collect.


Pixelworlds is not supporting block farming because it is too easy for botters to exploit and also for normal players it can make the game less fun and more grind.


Interesting thread. Regarding to the topic, in my personal opinion it’s way better the new farming activities than the block farming in many ways. It actually engage me and makes me think I’m actually performing the professions inside the game, haha.

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I agree, farming is boring i wont lie. i prefer farming via nether nor mine. its very profitable than waiting for 3 days for slavery.

Instead of doing the lazy route, they should just try and patch the bots usage.
They have fishing bots as well, and they do nothing about that either. It’s the players choice to farm and all the others are able to be just as grindy, not to mention the others get way more gems than farming blocks.
Bots are the only valid point.

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See, I think what is happening is that the devs are moving away from the mechanics of Growtopia (like farming) and trying to be more unique.

My theory is that they regret having stolen the seed system from Growtopia, and that’s why they want to move away from farming too. (Think about it, we haven’t really had a change to crossbreeding since forever)

I think that the devs never intended the game to get this big, and If they knew how big this game would become from the start, they wouldn’t ever had stolen mechanics of GT. I think this whole game started from lazy rip-off that went viral to an actual good game.

Making the spike bombs the better farmable than its competitors (ccb and bbb) was smart since up until that point players could use the “banana method” and fill and entire world with them
This is obviously not possible with spike bombs.


Yeah devs basically did take the seed and tree mechanism from growtopia, but the part you said about the game being a lazy ripoff is very far from the truth.

Growtopia was just a random game made by two guys. They added whatever they felt was right into the game for players. However they never really thought about the far future of their game. Thats why the economy is so messed up due to items like vending machines and other stuff.

Pixelworlds was a game that was made by six veteran game developers who have years of experiance. Each person knows what they are doing and the lead game designer CK has studied social game design and stuff. CK in interveiws has said that he expects the game to last from 10 - 15 years , so the devs DID intend the game to get big.

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If someday devs put some updates regarding to farming.

Like for an example
Farming strawberry blocks can obtain strawberry related stuffs or buff that can help in different roles.

Imagine getting strawberry juice haha.

Anyway there is always be a balance in everything to avoid hurting the Game economy


give it some time i bet in a few months there will be auto farm on mines as well

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But why would they had stolen the seed mechanism then? It’s nothing but lazy and you can’t deny that.

But what mechanism could they have made instead?

Line 8
I’m just correcting you.

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I don’t find it lazy to use a small inspired concept. I once suggested that they replace “seeds” with “portals” but in the end it’s still an inspired concept with many unique things that separate this game from GT to back it up.

Yes, I have made a thread regarding things like this

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I block farm…and I know a lot of other people who do it. Its a simple way to get xp and gems

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Best and Easiest way*