Why we can get only one stack to our inv

I don’t know that but when you’re farming/mass producing things and gonna sell they in PWE but you don’t have PWE in your world. It’s just too triggering!

999 is enough in my opinion. It used to be 200.

Bank Bot would be rendered useless, considering how you need 120k+ Gems to unlock all full slots

to me, bank bot is a place to store junk that i don’t want to trash. such as my pets.

anyway 999 is already heaps imo. helps with inventory management too just carrying one stack of each.

999 is better than getting 200 max, we cant just make items limit to 1000. it would be ridiculous. specially if you can combine 999 items for x1 stack of soil block.

I understand your point but it used to be much more “triggering” before as the max was 200. 999 is already a lot. I guess you just have to get used to it.

And yes i think having 999 is enough or else people can trash prank you with stacks of soil alone

I mass producing Black Blocks and I have something like 20+ Stacks

lmao we’re really happy with the 999 we got since we know the pain of only being able to carry 200 at once. I embrace it as it is xD

Yeah, the number 999 triggers me XD. Like, make it 500 or 1000. Why 999

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There may be a reason for it.

999 is fine with me.

It probably can’t be 1,000 because I’m pretty sure 999 is the max amount you can fit into certain binary decimals.