Why we can't trade gems?

So you guys are wondering why we can’t trade gems? I think why we can’t trade gems is the game developers will think that we make a new account and trade gems and keep making accounts. That’s what I think.

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well yes that’s one reason, another reason would be so that we can focus spending gems on items in shop and not as currency i guess.

Ye that’s why they made byte coins

:gem: Gems can’t be traded because it’s Hard Earned Currency in the game.

  • Either Appstore or Playstore wouldn’t allow it, or even both.

I’m pretty sure this is the reason as far as I remember.
It’s less about that they didn’t want to and more about that they either legally can’t or something like that.
I think it’s the Apple Store, though.

Its because you can buy gems with real money so if you get your gems scammed you’re basically getting scammed real money

boosters are trembling right now

ignore my previous post, wrong quote lol

I mean, fishgems and mining gems exist.

They didn’t make gems tradeable because they didn’t have any reason to at the time.

I wouldn’t see a reason to make collected gems tradeable, considering IAP earned gems is a thing. Besides, like what Neo said, we already have fish gems, gemstones, nether crystals and pouches. Making collected gems tradeable would make the economy pretty “chaotic” for some time…

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Trading gems is against Apple’s terms of service.