Wikia has made the new layout permanent

Other people agree with me that the new layout is objectively bad. Yet, today when I logged in to the wiki, the new layout is forced on me. I go to the settings, and the dropdown menu to select themes is gone.

Why the new layout is bad:

  • Unlike the old layout, the new layout has about 1/3 of the screen space for the actual content, and the 2/3 is reserved for ads.
  • The new layout breaks wiki CSS.
  • The new layout has a yellow sidebar that is an eyesore instead of a green topbar.
  • The new layout hides a lot of content.

Just move the wiki to Miraheze. It’ll seriously be for the better.

It is worse but I think when anything changes you think it’s terrible, it was same with wls.

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not our fault that Wikia decided to change to FandomDesktop and its overall branding. And no, we will not be changing to Miraheze.

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No, the new layout is objectively terrible. A lot of people agreed with me on this one. It not only breaks custom CSS, but gives ads more priority than the content. Wikia is becoming the new Digg real fast.

“we will not be changing into Miraheze”

You’re so stubborn. For me, breaking custom CSS and halving the space for content in favor of ads is ALL I need to migrate.

On Miraheze, you’ll have to deal with none of that crap.

devs are the ones who makes these decisions not mods.

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ok so what if i’m stubborn? why would we migrate over YOUR complain? we make the decision, not you, so deal with it. please move on and STOP complaining over this minor issues. I have already discussed it with you via DMs few months ago.


IIRC, you discussed the wikia account lock, not the new design.

yes, and i discussed about not changing to Miraheze as well. the new branding was implemented last week so…

It’s not terrible, it isn’t better tho, but really who cares its not a huge deal you can just ignore ads.

Why do you always complain about every single thing that exists?


C*** is censored in game = u swearing :o

Jake has said “bullsh|t” on stream. I’m sure that “crap” is OK since it’s a grade 1 swear and that word is grade 2.

can you please send me a link to him?

Also i meant it as a bloody joke

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I know it was a joke lol, I just wanted to point it out.

Also, you cannot really upload videos on the forums. Also, IDK on which day of the streams did he have the rant where he said that.

Apparently the wiki is now promoting scams…

It’s out, only for Czechs
An error in printing has gave Czechs an opportunity to raise their deposits by 4227%.

@Freak Still convinced that Wikia is good?

I mean, it’s not up to Fandom to choose what ads appear, it’s up to their ad service provider


I literally turned off ad personalization recently. This is a deliberate attempt to get me to turn it on again.

This is not an attempt to get you to turn it on.

You turned it off, now they have no idea what to show you, so they just show you random ads from your country that they got from your IP address, in this case, Czechia.

You complain about not getting good ads right after you opted out from getting good ads.

its not Wikia fault? hello? it could be due to your recent searches on the internet. now can you please stop complaining about this stuff without doing your own research first? it is really tiring to deal with this kind of thing repeatedly.

adding on, doesn’t mean you’re getting this Ad means others are getting it as well. it is completely personalized.

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