Will jake make another project Landerstone so he could more catch scammers out te game?

Okay guys, this is my 1st topic on pixel world, so please give me some advice on making a topic in the future!

On february 3rd 2019, jake make a video of hunting scammers Vol 6, but instead of hunting scammers that host drop game in-game, but instead he goes for the bigger bait, hunting scammers outside of the game, and for a prepare, he create Project landerstone, and the video shows that the scammer get 99 years ban, E P I C, and so i think jake should make another project landerstone, because of the reasons like:

  1. There are more scammers outside of the game
  2. The Views are increasing
  3. Pixel world could be a better safer game to play than the previous one, Growtopia

Well, that’s my reason, if you think my reason is not quite valid, reply, ok i’m done, goodbye

Yeah i’d like to see more project landerstone, but its depends on on Jake if he have time for it or no

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Well, it depends, wether jake really wants to make another one or he’s just stuck with banning in-game scammer

I’d say he should hire more moderators for now to manage in-game related problems. He, and one or two other people can then focus on outside problems including this real money transaction thingy. Having around 5 or 6 or even 10 moderators to manage and oversee thousands of players at the same time 24/7 is just not enough. Yes, he need to be selective, but I’d say out of hundreds who apply, there’s gotta be more than those 5 or 6 who are actually decent.

Your reply is a good thing, but theres a hole in that, theres a chance about 45% chance you can meet a scam outside the game, meanwhile, in-game theres 55% chance there will be someone hosting a drop game, but both of this action are rarely happening right now, but if the scammers are increasing, jake might have to do what you said

I mean, if Jake does have the extra time, he might do it.

He definitely wouldn’t use Landerstone though, otherwise the scammers will be alerted immediately.

Project Landerstone was EPIC for sure! :fire: