Will there be a test server?

Just curious if this would happen in the future.

What if there was a server for testing new features that only volunteer players gets in?

Would like this to happen for early detection of bugs

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Jake said in one of the previous live stream that he would love to allow some of us to test the updates before they come live, but the developers haven’t come to an agreement just yet.

To be honest, I doubt that we will ever have this feature anytime soon, perhaps in the future, who knows?


This would be a great idea. But at the same time it would have side effects such as there would be lots of leaks and the volunteer players will get to know all about the update and they would easily do what is needed to do about the update features when it goes live and other players would still have to find it out. I would like to hear your thoughts on it too.

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No no, bad idea, Imagine this, there is an item you REALLY REALLY like, you can get it, just like that.

Soon you get bored like hell and quit the game, this not good way to play. Basically creative PW.

There already is a test server, you just need an access key from the admins. And they won’t give you it because you’re not an admin. I’d bet that the private test server uses the steam branch feature, you just need an access key to reveal the branch.

But regarding public test servers… Jake has told me in one of the previous livestreams that it’d be too much work, with hiding confidential information and stuff from the public.

it will cause too much leaks from future updates and ruins games for others.

I actually would like to do it myself :wink:
but, it will never happen.

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What if you would have access to the test server/s if you had the regular role on Discord?

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No, nobody expect the devs can

They let players test the fishing update. I don’t know why they stopped doing this because every new update is packed full of bugs

What do you mean? (20)

Wait, they did? I never knew they did that, I thought it was just always admins only

I am 99% certain, that this is false. However, they had a TET-trainee at their office who also helped in testing the fishing update. I don’t exactly know what a TET-trainee is, but it seems to be something school kids in Finland do, since that is also what Commander_K said in this post.
I guess said post led to Neoslayer thinking they let normal players test Fishing.

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Just looked it up. Seems as though TET is some form of program in Finland where people in grades 7-9 try out working at some company, and Kukouri accepted one kid to help with this update. Makes sense.

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What are you even talking about
They literally let us test fishing before it was released. They gave us and a big handful of other players a bunch of bait and we found a bunch of bugs. I was one of the many testers (I also found many bugs)
So I guess you just witnessed a miracle 1%

Wow 1% poggers. (20)

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If you are allowed to talk about it, how did it work? Did they just let you on the developer servers? And how long this this testing period last?

I have no idea how long it lasted. I would’ve thought you were one of the players because there was a ton of them. Sieggy might be one, and bloodwork.
We basically started with an account with nothing and when we ran out of bait we had to notify the devs to give us more or something, that’s why I had to tell everyone about the learning curve with fishing because everyone was complaining about how fishing made no sense

I wasn’t, no. That’s why I was interested in it. It was probably best they did that though.

Ah, I always wondered if Kukouri accepted TET trainees. I’m right now at that stage where TET is possible for me to partake in. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made most companies reject people. Hopefully next year things will be different. I would like to be a TET trainee for Kukouri, ngl.

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