Will there be a zombie infection and witches event in october?

I’ve been playing GT a lot, and, theres this zombie infection, which if u hit a person, he’ll get infected, and if he drink an antidote he won’t get infected, so, when i’m playing pixel world, in october, theres black tower event and werewolve event, but i haven’t seen a zombie infection event? Will there be a zombie infection event in october, because it will be fun!
Also added witches event, where we ride on a broomstick and avoid things, like birds and clouds, and if we reach it, we’ll get a material to put on our cauldron to get a prize, it’s the same thing as jet race update, but the broomstick moves automatically and we just dodge things, the event world should be named “witchestower”. And add unique broomsticks model to it

Well, what do you think about my request?
You can reply nicely

In PW, theres no such thing as zombies. yet you can suggest one now!


looks good, very good

Well better not to really expect and compare both games as they are 2 different games.

Witches tower sounds good tho.
Try suggesting it in the Game Suggestions sub-forum

I was thinking about a PVE zombie infection, first, we join a world, anything, if you saw a flying paper, click on it, and it will show a paper about the zombie test, and when you click on it, you’ll be teleported into a city which filled with hordes of zombies, and we scatter around to find antidotes (likes chest filled with nether crystal) and then if the area is clear, we move on to the nezt area, and then at the end, we get to fight a huge boss zombie, atleast make 2 different boss, and if we won, we got to win some stuff and prize, now that’s what i call a real spooktober