Will world be inaccessable after the world owner gets banned?

i have never heard of it before, but do worlds gets inaccessable for breaking the rules for like, 30days or no? very curious. but if this didnt exist ingame should they add it?

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Moderators can make a world inaccessible, but usually when someone gets banned the world still remains open.

they should only temporaily ban world for scams or rule breakers and a year ban for third party applications and the person who’ve sold their account an wls.

thanks for the info;

While banned you can still login to pw. Although you can’t enter worlds, you can prevent your worlds from being decayed.

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what i mean is, if the world owner for hacking and is banned and i want to enter the world where the owner got banned, will it be inaccessable?

Yes of course. However sometimes if a world name is inappropriate, etc. the world will be confiscated by an admin, but you can still enter that world.

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