Will you play pixelworlds 2 if it ever come out?

Soo as some of you may know that in stream jake have asked what do u think about pixel worlds 2?

Would you play pixel worlds 2?
  • Yes, I’m very interested if there ever could be pixel worlds 2.
  • No, I don’t like this idea.
  • I’m neutral

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My personal opinion is that it could happen if there’s not trade,drop feature

What u think?

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I think I would play it for a few weeks and then go back playing pixel worlds again. In pixel worlds 2 they could maybe add vending machines or some other stuff that they don’t want to add in pixel worlds.

Pixel worlds 2 could work like Pixel worlds, but be in 3D.

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I thought Pixel World’s 2 would be another PW RIPOFF and I pressed no. Also. This game called PixelVerse is another ripoff of pw. I should have not spoiled the new name
Oh no

I’m actually neutral about this, depends what is different

Idk about Google’s policies on identical app names, but PixelVerse is already taken by a fake “win free money by playing this” app.

i got invited in a discord server an theyre saying ‘‘the game called pixelverse will be release in 2022’’