Wings design, suggest a name for them

btw i design community suggested items here QWU's circus
so if you want to see your item idea / design, join!


thats epic for sure…

maybe deep demon wings?

you know what, while me was designed them i realised 1 thing


but deep demon wings are fit to the art

wings of the great demons

Wings of the deep nether.
Deep nether wings.
I hate autocorrect wings.
Nether wings
Info: Fiery red and burning hot! These wings will keep you warm for a good while…

gt rip off wings

nnah nvm hmm

wings of the darkness

Wings of Morgulis(idk whats that but sounds cool)
Cursed wings
Dark Moth wings

They dont only similar color

wings of the qwu then lol

Yeah that actually sounds good. Maybe they could become a volunteer like MrCoffee (very good artist btw) and get their own dedicated item…