Winter update is so empty when we compare it with other updates game got

I usually like updates game got but in this update they added just new clothes and new bundle item .

I know they added really big updates but at least they can just think about adding new kind a boss , Like krampus boss also i think that can fit to game pretty good if they add it. And also they can implement different appear system for that boss like it can only appear when you build a certain structure in your world then it comes your world and you try to kill him and while you’re hitting krampus it have random chance to drop some of its gifts won’t that be cool !

Or they can think about adding different secret base concepted world but it only appear in winter won’t that be cool too :smiley: ?

Write your ideas.

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Sounds cool but a whole entire boss and new summoning system sounds like a lot of work for a holiday event

Seasonal mines would be cool, and it’d be interesting if you could encounter bosses in there too, like a Krampus boss (as you suggested) in a Winter/Christmas mine, or a sea monster boss in a summer mine.

Think about it though, once they’ve implemented the boss, along with the summoning system, they could implement it into future events with much more ease.

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I always wanted the Xmas Updates to be bigger than they usually are,
Since Christmas is my all-time favorite time of the year. :snowflake:

Monthly changing boss dungeon.

I would honestly be so happy if there was one update dedicated to quality of life features and fixes.
Some of the things in that update could be:

  • reworked ui; owned world’s bubble, etc.
  • fixed not being able to warp to PMs
  • add a PWE alert; a red “!” Bubble above per terminals when your item is sold/bought
  • remove favorites worlds from the menu
  • ability to change name once and have a legacy name

same :smiley: i hope they add few of them at least.