Winter Update

Wagwan my people,

I rarely play pixel worlds and decided to jump on recently. I see no new items for the Winter booster, is this a glitch?
This is the nail in the coffin for me

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the game is getting no more development and to make up with it the developers are selling Angel Wings randomly during christmas

Has this been officially said ?

do you see any development?

No, well only little things . It could be said the Halloween event had something put into it.

But your statement is a whole different thing!

As for completely new events/games/etc? Then no , nothing. They don’t have the team in place for one thing .

Do you happen to know when their server contract expires ?

One thing I take as positive is that there are Devs there at all! If the game was really closing they would leave … For sure. I don’t see anyone working at this level on a high profile game finding it hard to get into another team…

They would be stupid not to

but why should they go WORK for another game where here they can NOT WORK and get paid

That’s actually quite funny …

But keeping the game alive and suitable for all formats is quite a bit…