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Does anyone here know how to wire make a password entrance like the one in JungleRuins?

what me too lol :joy: maybe gargoyle can help

If 2 buttons

You would just hook up 2 wires to Nand gates and the Nand gate would go to the bone gate

If more than 2 buttons

you would need 2 buttons to go to a AND gate and 2 inputs in another And gate , then Hook those into a Nand gate (Note if more buttons you would need more AND gates).

if 3 buttons you would wire 2 wires in a AND gate, Then the 3rd wire would go to a signal holder gate then you hook the signal divider, Then hook it up to a NAND gate, then you would hook that up to a bone gate

Sorry if this is confusing

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I got Lolool already :sweat_smile:

Well, I tried to replicate that mechanism from the actual WOTW JUNGLERUIN, and I came with something similar to it. It’s similar to it in terms of functionality, but not in timing.

I will try to explain it in the best possible way:
  1. So the numbers that are part of the correct combination goes to the AND Gates (1) [Depending on how many number the password it’s going to have, in this case 4 digits]. Then All of those AND Gates previously mentioned goes to another AND Gate (2).

  2. Every number that is not part of the combination goes to a NOR Gate (1), then all of the NOR Gates outputs goes to an AND Gate (2).

  3. Finally all the left AND Gates (2) goes to a single NAND Gate (3), and that NAND Gate goes connected to the Blocks/Doors/ or the triggered object to open then path.

Here's how it looks like

Oh nevermind. Well, good luck then. :sweat_smile:

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