World For Sale (Small List)

NEPHEW (sold)
SCORPIO (sold)

I made a mistake Sorry CHIPOTLE, BREXIT , WISCONSIN are not sold you can still buy them.

what the hell is samuel

Samuel is a name of Hebrew origin.

how is that rare tho rare worlds are with simple words

You said ‘what the hell is samuel’ and I answered, nobody ever said that the world name was rare.

well he is selling rare worlds??

samuel is a rare name


Where in the world does it say ‘rare’ here?

They’re literally just selling worlds.


confident and nephew are rare

You’re really being pedantic here, these were never advertised as ‘rare’ worlds, simply a small list of worlds that they’re selling.


why did u even reply to in the first place

im not going to reply to you for the 100th time

Guys stop arguing all I am doing is selling some worlds

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Does anyone want to buy these world names? I’m Online Right now as I’m writing this

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Samuel is our physics teacher we always made fun of, by shouting SAMUEL whenever we saw him.
We were quite a bunch of idiots ngl :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Professional business man

This forum is useless to sell my worlds

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Is anyone going to buy?

as it seems no one is.
This isnt fit for professional traders with no time for fun.
you may leave.
I wish you good luck with spamming gm’s, spamming messages in chats and other worlds and waiting for someone who will either come or wont come.
have a nice day dude

it isn’t useless it’s just HTS

I should probably stop selling here