World Locks

Hi! I’m sure you’re bored of reading posts like these in game, on social media and in forums, but I have haven’t shared my ideas :roll_eyes: So the recent news in Pixel Worlds’s latest video of world locks becoming soon-to-be untradable items has got the majority of the community in an uproar :sweat_smile: There are of course many advantages and disadvantages to this, however it is a good reason to start filling your display cases with world locks to confuse the new players when they do become untradeable :alien:


– I personally think it’s a bad idea, but I am not going to be melodramatic and say I’ll quit over this and I doubt these posts will change their minds.

However, I do think that it would be a good idea to keep platinum locks tradable because in short it would be simpler. Yes you can get scammed PLs, but so can you any other items; no it is not different to world locks, but it will be less confusing to a new player to be introduced to this currency as their game experience develops; it would also be easier to just put apx 60 pl than calculating and putting say 1,211,288 BC to buy a green visor. I am not going to include things like tax from PWE (which should be capped :billed_cap:) as who would sell a really expensive item in the pixel worlds exchange? :joy:

I also like Blackwight’s ideas of adding things like time stamps to PWE value so manipulation isn’t as easy, and Im_here_for_fun’s idea of not showing the sale of 1 person who has purchased an item multiple times within 24 hours.

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Helllo Myth,

I agree, trading with hundred thousand and millions is more work because you need to use calculator to calculate BC every time. Trading with PLs is easier to calculate ( a PL represent 100wls )

I think this update will make Wls and Pls untradeable, I do not think Pixel Worlds Development Team is going to make Pls tradeable. :thinking:

Introducing a new coin (like PL) in the later update would be better, I guess.

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