World Owner Colorized

Although this isnt needed, ill explain why it needs to be added by each photos summarized.

  1. Normal/Regular Player
    normal (3)
    Nothing much ti be added since your just a regular player.

  2. Influencer Player
    influencer (2)
    As we saw, the influencer has two lines besides its name. but also. there should be colored green added into that name.

  3. Moderators
    mod (2)
    See what i mean, how can people know if this player is a moderator or not. the name should also be added with cyan color to insure that he is a moderator than a regular players like us.

  4. Admins/Developers
    admin (2)
    atleast make the name ‘’ Commander_K ‘’ purple to all of his owned worlds.

Also, this will also be applied in the friends list, clan or players in the world. (ex. if you added Jake, then youd see his color tag purple than the normal once).

What do you think?


not bad idea, maybe make the names gold if the player is a vip on world names and friends list.

oh, for sure. but vip players alr got yellow name (counts as gold for me :smirk:)
thanks for the suggestion!

bringing up my post (just incse if ppl might complain).

a bit unnecessary but interesting idea… Keep it up!
Untitled94_20210308165430 Untitled95_20210308165617 Untitled93_20210308164959


i just think if newppl going to pixelstation, they think the owner is not a dev. thanks for them photos :slight_smile:

also discord > 1 Nos! & 10 Yes!

A small addition but still appreciated I would presume.

Why is it important if a world belongs to an influencer, etc.? We don’t need to know that Netherworld belongs to an admin. It doesn’t change anything for us.

Is ionas a mod now???

yes, he got promoted like a week ago.

The suggestion isn’t that necessary in my opinion.

The color of the VIP username is gold, yes.

VIP username color:

Gold color:

Great! You made it more cool

Well, influencer players already got their green colored names. But yeah, this is something that can be added into the game. It’s an extra nice touch to polish the game.

Its just a small extra ingame tho, nothing bad would happen.

I mean, not a bad idea, just not really something that needs to be in the game

cool idea. but i don’t get why its needed to be added in the game ?

im just worried for new players, they may just think PIXELSTATION is owned by someone famous they dont even know Commander_K is a dev.