World planner in pc?

is there any website/apps that can make a world planner for pw?
im redesigning my main world because the world owner of date rejected me and we both agreed peacefully.

pc > windows 10

download the pwplanner.exe thingy
nice computer, also using windows 10
wait wait the assets might be a bit old, so if this doesn’t work out, try downloading pw tools on bluestacks

before downloding, i know that profile picture… very familar somehow ngl.
suspecting that is nenkai/tk69 in growtopia but nvm about it.
i really hope its updated, thanks for this!

alright, ill be using bluestacks then.

the assets are old. nenkai stopped updating it and i could be mistaken but pretty sure he just doesn’t play at all.

CU’s Pw tools is an updated version and has other features. It’s on PC and android but not iOS. no need for bluestacks to run it.

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where can i get one?

please be advised that once you download the installer, windows security will most likely disable it. in my case, it got quarantined/deleted by my virus detector. i think it’s just because the version is new and not many people have used it yet so it does not completely trust it.


this is awesome, thank you very much!!!

There’s a windows version?
Oh cool! XD