World Rarity

i have a world called S1MP
how much would that be

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Not much, considering the thousands of possibilities of any english word replaced with a number (example I with 1, o with 0,) doesn’t make such worlds special. i wouldn’t pay more than 4 wls even if cleared.

but it is not a random english word

i had send nude world before lmao
but i forgot to login so the world lock got removed
also simp is not a random word its the most common used word

ok, it’s definitely not the most common used word

yeah but almost everyone has used this word already

It’s also got a number in it. It’s worth almost nothing.


You need to try portraying yourself as your target audience. Why would I buys this world for? If you can’t even imagine the vague idea about what this will be useful for, chances are, nobody will either. What does this mean? Barely any price. That, and I personally am never attracted to any of those types of names to be made into worlds (i.e. nude, sexy, booty, etc). Maybe someone is, but I don’t see the appeal, and I am pretty sure I am not alone.

Like Bryne said, because it has a number in it it’s worth barely anything

S1mp doesn’t seem that rare, I think it’s like 50wls.

No chance, the world simp would probably go for 50, at max.

I have little experience about what’s considered a “rare” name in this game, but I’d say that it’s worth a couple of World Locks, if someone wanted it.