World stolen due the owner not play the game 3 month

Guys please explain to me is that the rule that if the player not playing over 3 month, the world gonna be take by someone ? Here some screenshots i have but sorry to say this rule so annoying. I cant play this game before 3 month couse my phone not support. Now i have new phone but when i logged in all my world was taken by random people.

I dont know how to post my screenshot couse this forum not supported mybe if u want the proof u can go and see my post at my instagram @4necdoots its public account u can see the image

Small locks and a bunch of the other non-world locks decay in 90 days. After decaying, any user can break the locks to claim the world as their own.

Source:Decayed Lock | Pixel Worlds Wiki | Fandom.

World locks decay after a year however

Then use WLs - this is a very naive post.

It’s fundamental to the whole game that locks decay from inactivity.

It would be a nonsense to have it any other way

ooh i see but it really sad to hear that. Thanks all for the information