World with prices

Is there any world that accurately lists prices of items and are up to date? Ive got alot of items and im kinda unsure how much they are worth now etc

MAG is very outdated so probably no, you can ask prices here tho


welcome to the forums also just use there pwe value or if they are expensive items go to trade and ask people.

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You learn item prices by asking multiple people and seeing what other people sell/buy for, also checking PWE average,
Price worlds are destined to fail, because there will always be people who will see the world and say “this is wrong” or “this is outdated”. Then there will be the people or admins who will take advantage of a current item’s price.


PWE average are useless they are easily manipulated and not very useful at all.

thats simply not true in the slightest pwe values are extremely useful.


People used to manipulate prices before they weren’t so used to byte coins plus the tax was only 5% on these days.


that is a problem but that only happens with a few items (20)

Can’t you just do that with pretty much any item in the game that isn’t being bought every other minute? Like if you just keep selling and buying an item for around 100 bytes 20 times?

ordering works. need 2 devices though.