Worldlock untradeable

if worldlocks will be untradeable everyone better sell all the worldlocks they have…rip ppl with 100pl and stuff like that… also i got a question,if worldlocks will be untradeable how will we trade worlds… if worlds are untradeable maybe ppl could get scammed in a sort of if someone wants to buy a world and is untradeable the owner coudl get the amount that the person is paying then scam them by banning instead of breaking lock… making world lock untradeable would cause too many disadvantages including worlds unable to be traded… if worlds are tradeable then ppl could easily place a pl in the world then trade it to the person i dont really understand what will specifically change about the world lock other than being untradeable…

The world trading system would not change. As you are trading the rights of the world instead of the lock. Them making the world lock/platinum lock un-tradeable is to stop that being a currency in game. It would only be used to control the world rights and trade ownership from time to time.

They would also do something to entice players to do the trade from world locks to byte coins, like maybe raise the exchange rates for a week or something along the lines.

Dont U bois think there are a bit too many topics about making wls untradeble?


Yes you can do that, but for trading expensive items, you’d need to do that multiple times which is very unsafe and tedious (added sm of dev’s words)
Also not all items are priced as 1 wl or 100 WLs so it does change alot making them untradable.

But why? No one said anything about the PWE Vendor getting removed. They can ofc still exchange them for bytes

He probably didn’t take the vendor into account.

its already 4th or 5th thread about exact same topic…

I’ve seen alot forget about him when making that statement.