Worlds (and timing)

Today I once again come across a specific account who clearly knows when a world will decay… I have lost count how many times this particular player has done this …


Imo this is on the same level as scamming, it’s blatant cheating and it pxxxxs me off.

I have a saying once is ok, twice well that could be a coincidence, three times? Come on not a chance…

Also it’s not ‘sour grapes’ on my part I have 400+ WLs on world’s right now… All have been obtained legitimately.

well we are facing developers whom react in a “sounds like a YOU” problem way even if the fix is literally very simplistic…

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Don’t get me started :joy:

There are a lot of simple fixes , imo it is because the current Devs are not those that wrote the game - they are just not into it enough, no passion… Some would write that as “they dont care enough”.
I could list 3 examples right now if I thought about it probably 10’s more :thinking: