WOTW Application

World name: DEFER
My friend made a story/parkour themed world. He doesn’t have Instagram so he asked me to write here a WOTW application. Go check out that world! If my opinion is asked, I would say that this world fulfills the WOTW requirements.

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This just simply isn’t good enough for wotw

As @Orangehairguy said, this isn’t enough to be nominated as WOTW. Imo it feels quite empty in the middle layer

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i played it, its way too short,you can finish it in 1 min lol

It looks decent, but I would suggest you to try to fill the empty spaces, and try to make the gameplay longer. :wink:

world too weird
too small
use the empty place more things
as what @Orangehairguy said the world isn’t enough to became a wotw
need story/fun/etc

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The world is empty itself although there’s blocks that are placed it still feels empty. Maybe you could replace the soil with something stylish like Sour Grounds combined with some Granites and Obsidians. Atleast be more creative with the buildings.