WOTW Questions 2

im scared because some wotw winners are parkours. i want to achieve a long-lasting dream to win at least once. do i need to make a full-parkour to win by chance?

im gonna make my wotw theme to summer-beach, storybased-horrors or tips-and-tutorials for new players.

how much budget will i use? do i have to color the blocks?
does it have to be expensive? is the wotw trophy sellable?

im currently using pw tools in my windows too!
thanks in advanced.

It doesn’t have to be a parkour.

Depends on what you need for the world.

Also depends on what you want to make.


Yes but not really valuable.

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to @BubblySky > thanks for this, i dont even know someone using a budget of 50wls would win, just making a wotw for fun. how much is wotw trophy?

I spent 2 PL in WOTW once which is CIRCLE

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thats high, probably gonna try to use 50wls. i dont mind if i lose. just testing it.

Yeah 50 wls is the sweet spot any less and your world just won’t be good enough

What’s world name you are making WOTW?

inb4, my main world.