[WOTW] What theme should i pick?

What kind of WOTW Theme should i choose? its been a week since im thinking on what to choose. either its beach-themed, camphorror-story themed, parkour & halloween theme or mashed up theme. not trying to win, but i would love it for the experience!

Thanks in advanced, also. you may suggest me what kind of theme should i choose.

I would recommend trying out something a bit more challenging. Cosmos, perhaps.

Update, im trying to plan it out and this will be simple.

might be bad, but i like it personally. this area is not finshed so i may add more sooner.

what is that theme? does it also refer to parkours? (im only using 50wls)

The cosmos is the same as the universe, but on a bigger scope. Sometimes ‘cosmos’ is also used for referring to the universe as an entity.

so what you mean is, i will have to built a mini-solar system? also i dont know any of star constellations so they may be a problem. (i can learn faster so maybe i can give it a try)

If you’re going for a WOTW, don’t add PWE and such (unless you’re making it as a prop)
It’s not like you’re going to use PWE in a parkour world

Make a Hiraet Theme…

not making a parkour world tho, win or lose. at least i liked how i made it.

i could try, im going to make 2 worlds for it, 1 for my main world and 1 for this thread.

I myself am trying to make a draft on a specific Star Wars area. Trying to make it as a PvP world. You could probably find references from that movie? It has a lot of environments in each episode, maybe one of them fits to your likings. Who knows?

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ill try to do that, adding that to my notelist.