Would anyone read these?

Alright, my idea is every week I will review the new Wotw, give my opinions and score on the world.
I think this will help discussion of the WOTWs, as they often seem to be forgotten about, and also add some variety to forums posts.
Tell me if u think this is a dumb idea or not


idk if anybody else agrees, but I wouldn’t care

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Fair enough, any reason why tho, do you just not care about wotws? Or is it something else

Sounds kinda interesting, but I would have to read one first to see if it’s any good

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I’d read if its not too long

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Idk really know how long they will be, probably enough to get my thoughts out. Maybe 2 paragraphs?

Thanks, I will have one up for the next WOTW, so you can see if you like them then I guess