Would you watch that series?

Im gonna make soil to pl! Would you watch that series? When that is ready, i will make new series! What you think! Now i ho to record!

No I would not watch this since it’s an unoriginal idea and been done too many times before.


I would’nt watch soil to PL either since it’s been done so many times and is boring.
Instead you should try doing a fun original challenge or something. More people will watch that and have fun watching it.

As Byrne and Shawn already mentioned, it has already been done countless times before.
I may however watch, if you would do it with an interesting restriction that hasn’t been done before, for example Soil To PL by only building & then selling worlds.

Interesting idea tbh, I’d probably watch that.

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No. Soil to Pl is done many times according to
Byrne and Shawn. before doing that series, think of much more original content, A sand to pl yes cuz sand drop fossils. But yeah goodluck

Ok…im its not gonna be same…

there is no need for that, although you have the freedom to post that. only less will watch.
id recommend you on how to profit, new updates and more. as long as it is entertining,informative and useful.

A true soil to pl would be having one soil that you have to trade all the way up to a pl, with no farming/mines/nether, just from pure economy buying and reselling. And that’s really hard to do as
a - nobody wants to buy a soil, they can get free ones by spamming random letters until they find an unlocked world
b - prices aren’t as high of a range. For instance in hypixel skyblock, you could buy a pair of adaptive boots for 200k, and then resell them immediatly after for 4-500k. In pw, you need to wait months and hope that the prices of your items change in order to profit unless you get really lucky and somebody undersells a lot.

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