Wow dont see this lol

jake streaming
and found this
Screenshot 2021-08-12 192644
i dont know you can ask jake visit my world and muggy card or 5 days vip :open_mouth:

and jake answer my question was the best! (first time jake answer my question lol)

you know what is this muggy card?

The muggy card is for card battles, I’m not sure about its effects but someone else probably does.

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i recommend you to buy muggy card, it’s worth 30K bytes.

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oki but i need 14k more channel points

totally 3 stream i got 1k
so taking few weeks

Strategically wise, it’s sort of bad. You’re better off using Cold Feet, which affects the enemy by -20, would only take up 3 rarity AND lasts till the enemy’s next turn. But then again, it’s quite a rare collection that under 15% of the whole community has (as of right now).


how long will the muggy card be there?
Is it limited?

probally forever…
yes it is forever

maybe :thinking:

Jake doing non in-game item trading ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)