Xmas Chase! *Concept Idea*

Here is an idea I had to spice up the Xmas Update. And make it more on par with things like the black tower.

  • You enter a world and spawn in a Jet (Similar to when entering the jet race)
  • Your goal is to chase down Krampus (villain) who is trying to steal Santa’s sleigh and the gifts on it.
  • Similar to the Jet Race’s you dodge obstacles and projectiles that are being tossed at you from the sleigh
  • Once you the player catches up, you ram the sleigh in the back.
    • This causes the sleigh to drop a gift of sorts at random
  • you have to ram the sleigh 3 times to finally stop Krampus (villain)

This is a super rough concept idea. But just thought “Imagine if other holidays could end up on par with Halloween!”
instead of the usual booster openings we get.


I’ll take anything that can improve the disaster of an event that Christmas is. Since its the same structure as valentines and other events.

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I forget Valentines is an event sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Woah. I think they should consider that as a real idea.