Xmas update lore

Hello! I am interested if there is any lore in this update. So is there any new lore in this update?


I doubt it, there is still a lot to find from the previous ‘lore’ updates. I think this one is just a Christmas content update overall.


I’d agree with what @oshawott said. It’s unlikely that this update contains anything to do with the lore. Unless I’m wrong, the Jet Race update coincided with people discovering how to get into the portal inside the large dome in ADE, so the Jet Race update may still have more to give in terms of lore.

But Jet Race update didn’t introduce the world ADE which the portal locates in, so did Jet Race update really give more lore?

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Perhaps, we should never discard the probability that the developers have added some hidden features related to the lore. Probably they did, and will be hard to find out, or maybe we will never even notice. :thinking:


Other updates have been related to ADE, despite not being the update the world originated in. Take the mining update for example, the statue above the PIXELMINES world is related to the lore, even though it’s a completely separate world, and update.

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There might be some new stuff in this update. There is hope after all but we shall see

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there might have been some stuff added to the rift world. we have to check though. :slight_smile:

Already checked by many and nothing changed.

Maybe it’s yet to come. Anyways, there are so many things that we could check that can be related to the lore.

Like what? Can you give an example of something which we could check that can be related to the lore?

I’m sorry, I didn’t express myself enough. I’ll try to make myself understand.

For example, the developers could open us a feature to discover related to the lore at anytime, the same they did with the world ADE, that we knew it existed but it wasn’t available to enter at that time. One day it just became accessible without expecting it.

What I want to tell you is that, they could have open anything for us to find out. It does not necesary has to do with the Christmas event or topic.

Maybe they have enabled the access to the Light Clan Statue in PIXELMINES, perhaps. I’m not saying it’s true, just commenting it as an example for you to understand my point.

Rip, I was hoping there would be something new lore related this update.

I guess we are going to possibly see something in January. :thinking: