Xmass bosster?

When the xmass booster reales is? I want to decore my world with snow lentern. But no one sell it

It’s not Christmas yet

when is your birthday ? :o

Do not ask me why but something about “Xmass” sounds so funny…

xmas* :joy: i mean that kinda funny indeed



(you lived in the same country as mine so, that’s why you’re kinda bad at english).

bro, is this even december?

To lonh wait until december"(

:v my english not good dude.

I think booster Will come like 13-15 Day of december bcs If i don’t remember wrong last year The booster come at 13 or 14 of october

I think im right For that not 100% jk but anyway

I know… I’m trying not to offend anybody as well :v

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Something about

feels similar to those shops who sell Christmas ornaments and stuff during literal Halloween

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Catch a Snowflake! Event Will Start On The 10-12-2022 09:00:00

X-Mas Daily Bonus Event Will Start On The 01-12-2022 13:00:00

there is 8 days until december…

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