XP Level Prestige System, Contest/Tournaments, Leaderboards, Wearable Stereos

Edits: minor edits
Major edit #2: reworked gems and vip reward
Wearable stereos (backpack item)

Change the music in any world with a 9x9 tile proximity AOE . Any player within that 9x9 area starts hearing music. Closer = clearer sounds, Farther = duller sounds.

Overrides the default set music of other worlds when in that proximity. Exiting said proximity transitions the music back to the default world music. If there’s no music, it transitions back to the perfect bliss.

Should be a VIP item because of how it’s a much more interactive item that indirectly manipulates any world to the smallest degree. Definitely not a community item. We already have the stereos. A few minor edits to the sprite should do the trick. Rarity: Legendary
Account/XP Level Prestige

I want to say it’s like the Call of Duty prestige system (since it’s the most notable game for having the prestige system) but I have never played any COD game. Only played Valve/Steam’s FPS games.

Once a player reaches Level 150, they are able to reset everything for permanent rewards.

Warns the player with a notification if they’re attempting to reset their level.


  • High amount of gems with a +0.1% exponential increase per prestige
    (30,000 gems initial reward)

  • High amount of gems with a +2,500 gem increase per prestige
    (10,000 gems initial reward/first prestige)

  • VIP with a +1 day increase per prestige
    (1 day initial reward)

  • VIP with a +1 day exponential increase at every 3rd prestige
    (1 day initial reward/first prestige) (3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48, 51. . .)

  • Unlockables
    (emotes, untradeable items, perks, colored names, colored chat text, chat bubble font) (interchangeable for free once unlocked)

  • Permanent character “skill/stat point” distribution upgrades (inventory, health, armor/defense, elemental armor/defense, base damage, crits, elemental damage) (5 “skill points” per prestige and certain “skill” unlocks can be reset like perks for personal character rework for a price of byte coins)

  • Inventory unlocked by 1 slot per point. (can’t be reset if inventory is full)

  • Health values unknown. Increased by 5% per 1 point.

  • Base player hit damage increases by 1 per point.

  • Critical hit change increases by 0.5% per point.

  • Armor/defense increases by 1 per point.

  • Elemental armor increases by 3 per point. All elemental type upgrades are separate.

  • Elemental Damage increases by 2 per point. All elemental type upgrades are separate.

**Note: Prestige level cap increases by 10 per prestige. Too easy if stuck at 150. Same amount of time to get even better rewards. Just like in other RPGs with the “Prestige system”, there’s always a increase in the max limit it takes to get to the next one. However, after every 5 prestige, 10 level cap increase is decreased by 1. Level 1 excluded. Prestige to Level 1 requires default level of 150. After a prestige, the feature is locked until the next level requirement is met again.

Level 2-5 = +10
6-10 = +9
11-15 = +8
16-20 = +7
21-25 = +6
so on and so forth
once it reaches +1 and that cycle of +1 ends, resets back to +10 or until developers wants to stop

Level 0 = none
Level 1 = 150
Level 2 = 160
3 = 170
4 = 180
5 = 190
6 = 199
7 = 208
8 = 217
9 = 226
10 = 235
11 = 243
so on and so forth

Perks reset and locked to default. Player Info HUD resets XP Level to: 0. Inability to access Level Doors, Hatches, and Level VIP doors. This includes 2 certain levels doors in a special world.

New row display in Player Info HUD for other players.
Prestige: #ffff00 color box [# of prestige and date obtained] [ Level 5 Prestige | 10 December 2077 ]

For personal Player Info HUD.
Same thing, but under Legacy XP Level and shows all the current lists and dates of when each level was obtained.

Basically incentive for players who want more out of leveling up instead of reaching the end and going no further. With each new relatively major update, there is a newest addition of prestige and rewards. Now there’s more incentive to leveling up.
Level Leaderboards and Contests

Like fishing contest but now leveling up is a contest.

There are only Top 3 winners for certain categories
Highest amount of levels obtained within a certain time frame. The total amount of levels earned by the player is not counted towards the contest. Only the total amount of levels/level ups obtained “during” the contest is counted.

1 day contest
1st 133 levels
2nd 98 levels
3rd 77 levels

3 day contest
1st 746 levels
2nd 552 levels
3rd 341 levels

1 week contest
1st 1856 levels
2nd 1103 levels
3rd 849 levels
(inspired from another game that I play… a few certain players know what I’m talking about)

Leaderboards shows highest amount of levels obtained in total by players.

Categories shown
Weekly Top 20
Monthly Top 20
All Time Top 20

Top #1 for all categories gets a unique potion effect “glow” + a red colored username tag until they are either “dethroned” or the cycle for Weekly and/or Monthly categories are reset. All Time #1 is indefinitely permanent until they’re “dethroned”.
Level Statistics Chart HUD

A private level up statistics chart accessible and located in the Player’s own Player Info HUD.

Shows the player’s current track for obtaining levels and how long it takes to level up as a reference for leveling up.

Also should show color coded icons for indication of what way levels were earned.

  • achievements
  • quests
  • butterflies
  • farming
  • fossils
  • graffiti
  • pvp
  • nether
  • secret base
  • et cetera

untitled (1)

don’t judge me i’m a good artist bet

time is in hours by the way
Multiple charts overlay can be added to display past years, months, weeks, days, and hours.

left to right, past to present/future
up to down, level up rate fluctuations


The Pristige Level idea is good, thought of it aswell. :+1:

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The Nether Grinder (who prestiged 20 times) : im now two dude fused in one body
for having 200% health points

But they would have earned it. No? That’s how the prestige system works. And since cheating the level up system is next to near impossible, it’ll definitely be well earned.

Unless said player directly hacks the servers and gets that 200% health points through unreliable means.

I like prestige :+1:

Great ideas! I really like the leaderboards idea, other ideas are good but like that specific one for me is like specially good.