Yellow Sprite: Rise Or Drop?

Will Yellow Sprite Wings rise or drop after it ended on Bytecoin store?
If you guess it right I’ll give you 100 bytes. (Reply with your world name and the choice on which you picked). I’ll close it after it ended on BC store

  • Rise
  • Drop

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Why do you need our world name though

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Rise @i5u

Most likely drop like the other items:/

The others have risen tho, I own quite a few.

They drop right afterwards because everyone tries selling them. Then it’s a slow rise until they cycle back into the byte shop.

Lenses of love and gopnik set rose i think

I feel bad about going out of my way to collect 100 bytes, but I’m sure I’ll feel better once I collect them :coin: :wink:

LMAO see? What on earth polls?

Hehe you can get them @pirahset

Well I suppose im not collecting it now cuz it dropped soon after :confused: