You can still use your Wls and pls

So lots of people have quitted after World and platinium locks have became untradeable.

There are people with lots of pls that have quitted.
But some of them don’t know that they can still trade locks for byte coins.

Here is what to do: Go to PIXELSTATION, go to the byte coin section, and exchange your locks for byte coins.

No, much people said that and came back next week.

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I doubt this will benefit any forum member, but your new so it’s not your fault.

Think about it if they had quit why would they be on the forums and if they are on the forums they would surely know this.

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plus, it’s really not a big deal.

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Straight to the point.


Just in case yknow… i know people wont directly come to the forums.

i mean, i made it for those who quitted but also was on the forums or for those who came to the forums to see if there is any solution for locks being untradeable


not many people are actually on the forums yes there are 1300 users but only 50 actually logged in today and 34 replied there are 1000’s of people in the community. the forums are a lot smaller than you think.

Oh, so im just curious… So is it easier to become friends with admins or mods if youre on forums? What i mean by becoming friends is, is like communicating with them.

well its easier to communicate with people like dev and endless. but not really any others.

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If you’re really really lucky, Jake also can communicate on the forums.

But when it comes to the forums, Dev is the one who communicates the most.

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Wow! So true

Like nobody knew this already!

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