You know you should play PW when you see this

Imagine getting banned from growtopia because you’re bad at math smh

Didn’t know my faith in GT could get any lower.
Now it’s going into negative values so GT starts to lose faith in me.

Can someone give context? I have no clue what’s happening lol.

he got banned because the game thought it was a bot/spammer account for answering math questions wrong

Lmao. Gt makes no sense.

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I am a 4 years old player (my account in GT is 4 years old) and this is some true crap right there, i’ve never been banned, altho i’ve scammed some people, i’ve got scammed to, so i regret it, and i be like: screw it, i’m gonna play Pixel World

ikr, gt got alot of boring since nekorei became kommUniTeh M0nehger

i alr got 3bgls and almost got lvl 90 but ended up playing pixel world.

should i play growtopia?