Your Beginner tips

I’ve been playing pixel worlds for about a week so feel free to leave advice and tips not just for me but for other new players as well, thank you!

I started 32 hours ago.

My best advice is: Gather up 300 byte coins somehow, then buy spiky bombs and farm them. Then buy a world lock for the gems and then sell it. And repeat it.

Do nether till you earn 2k gems and buy crappy pickaxe…
start playing on level 1 mines and collect bronze nuggets as much as possible and sell it.
also save your gems for repair kit

current price of bronze nugget is 200/1 wl

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Do you think I should do mining? Or should I farm the spike bombs?

You should start mining. Farming spike bombs and using the gems to buy a world lock is not really worth it since it’s just time-consuming. Plus, gems are actually 2.5k/wl while on the shop, a world lock costs about 3.5k gems. So it’s not really worth it, to be honest.

With mining, it only takes about 8-10 minutes to finish plus, it gives a ton of profit.

Thanks, I’ll try that!

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I just tried it, but I keep dying because of the mobs. I got only 15 copper. How can I mine without dying?

You should get good armor. Also, try to learn the enemies attack patterns, how they move, their abilities, when to dodge, etc…

I was also the same as you when I started mining until I got used to it.

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I bought a paladin’s armor, which has 13 protection. And a Gjermundbu helmet, which has 6 protection.
Thanks for the help!

Try getting wings/jetpack too. It’ll help you dodge the enemies better and move faster on the mines.

Goodluck with mining! :pick:

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I have already gotten used to the enemies. Now, I get around 50 of the copper every time.

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Definetly mining it’s a lot more profit

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