Your best on towerofgod

i absoloutely love towerofgod the parkour collection world and im always trying to beat it and today after like 2 hours finally got to the second last level i think…

which was quite big for me since im not that… good at parkour

i want to know do you guys know this world did yo try it and also what your record is and if you dont know what it is check it out

i got quite near the end of the parkour when my 100 lives ran out :disappointed_relieved:

ye anyway also if anyone is very experienced can they tell me which route is best

also heres daybreakus’s video of him finishing it apperently it took him 10 hours

watching the whole video is boring evn those its 10x speed so id advise to skip through it

Nice to hear that. My best was the last levels at the top. I couldn’t beat any of the 3 last parkours, they were just too hard to even reach the middle of them.

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