Your goals for 2021 in regards to pixel worlds

Hi, just throwing this question out there, and I am wondering what are people’s goals are for 2021 in regards to Pixel Worlds?
If there is one, who do you plan to achieve it?

my goal is to make frosted soil farmable and if not its another year of spamming about it with making jakes points of “its ice so its not farmable” sound like a excuse

maybe get gamesofpw2 out by mid January and a bunch of resolutions that i will never do

:scroll: Ugh… well there’s too many, but some of them are:

  • Get back my FULL Fishing Set and get ALL Rods and Fishing Gear - [From Bamboo Rod (Basic)] :fishing_pole_and_fish:

  • Get a FULL Mining Set and ALL Mining Gear - [From Crappy Pickaxe] - (Already in the works) :pick: :gem:

:x: Not trading to get anything for these 2 goals, but using time. :clock1:

That’s just a few of them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow. Those are some ambitious goals you got there.

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maybe try and buy dark jet pack and maybe dark sword, also maybe reach clan level 3 or 4 in my clan

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  • Create a epic pixelworlds utility website
  • Reach 1 Million Byte Coins
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I guess if i play PW regularly my goals are probably;

  1. Upgrade my Master Pickaxe to Epic Pickaxe (mainly for the achievement).
  2. Complete more achievements in general (im slacking on a lot of them).
  3. Build my worlds again? A lot of my worlds are cleared and are ready to be designed, im just bad at building so its difficult for me to start placing blocks when i have no idea how i want it to look.

Thats basically the top 3.
I would like a crazy goal to keep be grinding the game though.
In the past it’s always been excalibur sword. But since deep wings are in the game, maybe i’ll save up for that as well. Maybe not making it, but at least buying it.

The worlds i have to build are MAINLY my main world Picasso and my clan world ANIME.
My clan is empty rn with no members, so if i did 100% come back to the game i guess i’d recruit some for the clan as well.

Other than that, my other world projects is just the entire game of UNDERTALE. So… lots to build.

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I haven’t got a scooby doo but I hope I somewhat stay sane enough to play this game.

Still trying to get 100 turtle set

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get 1-2 platinum locks

Making Epic PixelWorlds Armor by buying the missing sets each month.
(Some of them are over 1Pl per set sooo i have to wait the month for cheaper price.)

I do have some list in mind…

  1. Complete Recipe Book
  2. Win WOTW
  3. Enter Rift (shouldn’t be that hard)
  4. Get a Dark Pickaxe
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Reach clan level 10, I think we can do it

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Building undertale sounds so interesting, a music update would be so useful for that too since alot of the games atmosphere comes from the music

Now that you bring it up I kinda want to do a random neutral run just for fun lol

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Yeah! I own the world UNDERTALE.
As well as world names for most of the major areas of the game.
I planned on making the entire map in-game and have it be explorable, mostly for roleplay purposes. But maybe i’ll make a few boss battle parkours hidden around as well. With the world UNDERTALE being the hub of it all.

And speaking of music update, i assume you saw my thread on the idea?

Not much into goals, so… Let’s say that I have one but I’m not telling what it is :wink:

To make myself an epic pickaxe, that’s about it.

My goal…only two…start youtube and get 100subs :smiley:

Let’s just hope the Growtopia community does not go angry at us
(legit, they keep claiming everything Pixel Worlds related to be originally from Growtopia)