Your ideas for video!

Im making series road to pl but you decide what im not allowed to do! Its gonna be lot of fun to make that! Lets see!

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Easy mode: Buy gems and then buy a PL.
Normal mode: Just go normally.
Hard mode: No trading with WLs.
Death mode: No trading at all.
Ultimate mode: No trading, nether, fishing or mining. Just classic farming.


I mean in the first episode…im not getting pl in one video on this challenge xd

I was giving ideas for the whole series since that’s what you posted about in the original post

Yeah those are good and maybe using one of them

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these ideas could possibly get you a lot of views as i think they are unique getting a pl only from giveaways and getting a pl only from world hunting

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dirt to pl while blindfolded


Dirt to PL but no jumping allowed

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Buy a lot of spike bomb seeds from pwe, put them in your farm(s) and let them harvest… Now you gotta harvest all trees and get the sb… You can’t buy more than 3 stacks of sb seeds that’s a challenge … Here’s a twist… You can’t use your wls to get the pl… Just farm sbs to get gems and use the “gems” to get your pl…
Good luck lol

  1. Dirt to PL but no moving
  2. Dirt to PL by only farming gem soils.
  3. Dirt to PL by selling dirt (literal dirt to pl)
  4. Dirt to PL by begging / asking for donation
  5. Dirt to PL by only doing P2P games

just commit farming, till you go do mining and nether. be sure to make it fun.

God Mode : Get a PL WITHOUT DYING even once. Respawns count.


pvpenderman i really hope you actually do one of these because these could maybe double or triple your sub count

if you would even try and possibly fail some of these i would definetly watch it

I will do first episode on saturday! Video maybe come out on sunday!

*Soil to Pl but every hour you trash one world lock.


ill watch it :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

Would like to see this one

If you want to do a true dirt to pl, you start off with one dirt and you have to trade it up all the way to a pl. No farming, mining or nether, and no donos are allowed to be accepted. If you accidentally pick up an item in a random world you have to trash it.

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just do mining without a pickaxe lmao