Your opinion on Stellaria

Honestly the games community is absolute dog #### (roblox moment :slightly_smiling_face:)
The community is literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I got 8 DMs in one day from people telling me to kill myself because of my pride pfp :sunglasses:
The game is pretty buggy but that makes sense since it’s in beta. I think it has potential, but the community is just soooooo silly and sus :nail_care:


The Community Farded :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:

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Isn’t this game still on beta? Character looks kinda ugly tbh

Yeah it is, the main problem I have with it is the community

Community is fine, it’s just being raided by hackers like charon and smecks and stuff rn
Character does look a lil ugly. Couldn’t log in. I bet the game is beautiful asf though from what I’ve seen

The community doesn’t seem fine to me
Like 50% of the people there were homophobic, a lot of them are braindead

What’s Stellaria? Never heard of it

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Stellaria is a new game that is alike Growtopia and Pixel Worlds.

It is still in Beta and the full version will be released by July 1st.

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You might be more familiar with it’s old name Pixel Planet

Ew Isn’t that the weird looking game with a weird looking character? I remember watching PeterW review it, I remember it had alot of flaws, Is pixel planet really stellaria?

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Yes, they changed its name.

I look forward to the game, you can actually try it on BETA and see how much they improved.

I only know it recently though.

The character is interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

People don’t respect opinions

The game was bad but i dont mind that since it was first beta release and a ton of people wanted to get it.
But the community is so bad, i got 11 dms in the first 30 minutes after release telling me to kill myself and there were a ton of people in chat spamming and mods wouldnt do anything about any of them. After a while they started muting them but if a spammer is there for 10 minutes spamming then maybe they should start being a tiny bit more active

Literally all of the people who DMed me edited their messages after a while so I couldn’t report them lol

You guys received death messages? That’s hella scary if you’d asked me, and before the release. Some mods and admins are cursing. (Which I think is ok because they’re humans - they can share their emotion too. But it’s too agressive.)

One thing about I hate is the mods and admins they chosed are from gt and some of them are attention seekers.

And also, this is making me think they’re ripping off our game.

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Guys, I haven’t checked Stellaria because I was busy.

Can we do random DMS?

If yes, that’s scary…

Also, why is the community that toxic?
Don’t they have anything better to do?

The servers are shut down currently to fix the bugs, it was about 1 am for me, it didn’t really worth
waiting but i really love the design of the game and this kind of stuff, but the community is kind of eh…

Before the release people we’re like:
“if no release you gay”
“i make Stellaria myself and release it faster”
“Staff slow af, please release mf”
“What the *** are ya doing in game? please release this f***ing thing already”

Some of them are really toxic there but it was actually fun to see other Pixelworlds community members around there :grin:

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Wow, I wonder why they said that. :thinking:

Also, I saw replies above that they are getting toxic DMs.

Can we actually do random DMs?