Your PW rant

Make a PW rant.
First, rant about all the cool underappreciated stuff that you like
(In my case, it’s wiring, Dev, and the art)

Then rant about the things you don’t like about the game/community)
(In my case, it’s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARedacted)

its just really annoying that pw have these programmed seasonal events all year round
the only new thing is around 8 new items designed each year.

st patricks day, valentines, easter and whats worse is that they are so close together.

the devs should make an actual Easter hunt dynamic world where you find eggs in a maze. but no they use the exact same idea as valentines random floating heart random egg. its JUST SO BORING.

to be honest even summer is pretty boring, change it up a bit add chocolate ice cream 1 in 100 carts used in a legendary questline, nowadays im just not bothered to go get ice cream. its either you go to a reliable cart world 10 mins before get 22 ice creams, an ok world 5 minutes before get 15 ice creams, or wait till the last minute in some weird nohammer type cart world filled with angry noobs. and you get 3 ice creams.

10 minutes is not worth 0.01 percent of my wealth.

events are extremely boring we need them changed.

except halloween thats awesome.

christmas basically another copy of valentines,st patricks and easter.

except for that questline that grants you an amazing 35bc item.

its a time of the year for boredom. please devs we need just 1 thing maybe an easter egg hunt dynamic world where your chased by a giant bunny 1 update on an event all i ask.


It does make me wonder where all their money is going when most of the seasonal events are literally just reused assets.


Knowing this silly game the devs probably won’t do a thing about it :dizzy_face:
There’s a reason why the majority of players love the black tower :pray:

What I like: The Community
What I don’t like: The Community


Why can’t you wear some items together?
Take the bird beak for example, you cant wear any glasses with it. Why is it an eye item and not a mask item? The world may never know

Another is the kitsune mask, why cant you wear hairs with it? Are all kitsunes bald or something? One of the devs said it long ago that they are gonna let you wear hairs with it but you still cant

Another thing is why are all the other seasonal events so bad compared to halloween?
Xmas has a booster and some boring snowflakes that give items from PERMA BOOSTERS not even the xmas booster :neutral_face:

Easter has a booster and some annoying eggs that spawn every 10 minutes, atleast the easter eggs give special prizes so thats something

St patricks has a questline that people hoard clovers for, so in the first 10 minutes of the update everyone will have the new items so why not change up the thing that you have to give to the npc

Summer has the same problem as st patricks

Valentines, you guessed it its another booster and catchable hearts :neutral_face:

And than we have halloween where you can get rich by getting only one of the legendaries and it offers a fun parkour and not just one legendary as the main prize ,no no 4 weekly changing legendaries + 4 weekly changing ultra rare items PLUS a legendary untradeable wing and a yearly changing candy demon set.

Why cant they just make something like that for all events?

My last problem is the community which sadly wont be fixed probably lol


Yeah at this point it is kinda expected that the community is gonna be toxic, in these kinds of the games where the end goal is basically to just become rich.

For some reason you can wear stellar scout helm with bird beak