Your success stories

Hello everyone, how are you doing on this fine evening? Mind sharing sharing your success stories? Meaning the way you got rich, hence decent in-game. Furthermore, you could share the way you learned about Pixel Worlds and how it impacted your daily lives! Please try to be interesting :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I discovered Pixel Worlds about 5 years ago when I was watching YouTube on my Nintendo 2DS. At that time, both my computer and tablet had broken, so I didn’t have anything to actually play it on, that is, until I remembered a SUPER ancient phone I had from long ago that I dug out and used to get PW.
As a person who was banned from Growtopia (I was kinda toxic way back in the day), I thought this would be like my “second chance” or something, not knowing just how different (and better) PW would really be.

From then on, I’d be playing, getting involved with the forums and community, making videos, doing art and music, meeting really cool people, and a bunch of other things. These days I barely play the game, and I just got back from a break on the forums, but I can’t deny the positive impact the community has had on my life and how I understand the concept of making friends.

As for getting rich, I never really “got rich”, I just passively farmed for a while and might sell things for bytecoins.


This is indeed a cool way to become a better version of your self after trying out pixel worlds, even if you consider it as a second chance. Welcome back!

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I met some guy who I leeched from :slightly_smiling_face:
But yea I mined a lot, got lucky with the silly wheel and thats when i started to get a lot more wealth. Also I did about 2.4k towers and got 2 legendaries

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That’s such luck you got there, keep at it mate :cowboy_hat_face:

I’ve only recently boosted my PW progress (6 months ago) and I’ve surpassed my 2 pl limit (I got stuck at 2 pl 2 times), I’m probably much more rich than before because of the Mining update and (maybe?) because I’m a little more mature

Besides the game itself, I’ve joined the community at December 2020 (Originally joined the forums just to submit jets) and learned alot of things

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Well don’t worry the game isn’t all about material and richness, keep at it and you’ll eventually achieve greater heights! And yes, try to focus more on your self since that’s all that matters.

I’ve been profiting recently and now my networth is 4-5pl because I found this insane profiting method where you can invest in bulk. and now im on my way to 6pl networth which I dont know how much it is in bytes, and im too lazy to convert

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Glad to know you aren’t as lazy whilst profiting :crazy_face:

I was pretty late for this year’s halloween and blacktower and i bought gems like few days before event so the gem price was already high and i had in total of 220K gems or something, basically spent all my networth on gems, for these 220K gems i made Anubis sword which i sold for like 33K bytes, price was same with mask at the time i sold it.
So i bought another 250K gems and i got lucky with scythe when i had only 59K gems left to spend, sold the scythe on it’s first day in blacktower for 500K bytes in pure, bought like 800K gems for it and grinded my butt off everyday after school for 3-4 hours, I was really happy after i got the wings BUT after that i don’t play pw that much anymore, like 10-30 mins a day.

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You should really play more tho!

I joined around late 2019 (when the frog hat was the dailybonus) when my friends played it (now all quit except one). I made my first account Tiberius101, I didnt know what to do, I just sold items for little byte and just broke my world for seeds. I made only 1k byte on that account and then I forgot the password. I made a second one TiberiusZgo, where it was more succesful. I spent a year on that account and joined the Dew clan. I made a pretty good amount of byte during that time before I changed the password, but then forgot it and I didnt have a recovery email. My forum and some other accounts are still named that even tho its not my main anymore because I really liked the name.

Now flash forward to my main and present day account [ZGO]. It started off really good. For starters my friend (who now quit) bought me a bamboo sup and some gears. I will never forget that, I am so thankful. Then I somehow managed to win the boomer a rang and the cone hat at the same day, so it started with a blast. Flash forward to now, I am now a full time miner where my net worth is the most out of all my accounts. AND YES I MADE A RECOVERY EMAIL XD.

Nowadays though all my friends are off so im just lonely looking for friends. So I joined the forums, where I remain talking to you all while I go in game to try to make myself rich

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Hit me up in-game so we can add each other!