Youtube dislike count is now private

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Has been for a while, but :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

For how long?

Don’t know, but I’ve only heard about it around 3 weeks ago

Internet explorer user?

Yes, it is my reddit post. (And I don’t know why is the embed in German.)

How am I gonna know if the video im watching is made by a braindead idiot :sob:
Now i have to read the comments or watch the whole video


Youtube in 2050

We have now made subs private because all creators are equal

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YouTube in 2030 doesn’t exist

We all know why YouTube did this…it’s because of that silly YouTube Rewind 2018 video. YouTube can get away with this because they’re the de facto standard for video publishing. Other competitors like Vimeo or Odysee aren’t as well known/established as YouTube so therefore YouTube is the only “proper” video publishing platform out there which allows them to do all sorts of crazy stuff. Silly monopolies

I could still see dislike count till yesterday, now it’s gone for me too.

We have now made the creators private because all creators are equal.

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We have now made youtube private as all video platforms are equal.

I can imagine them only allowing their channels to upload, like how on Stream, you cannot make a channel and upload videos, only their channels are on there.

Good that you now complain about something actual, rather than some ban button bs

Also tip if you still want to see youtube dislike count: you can get dislike count back with chrome extension.

Here’s link if you want to add it to your chrome extensions:


Thats actually really helfpul, thanks fazeus!

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It also exists as a Userscript (for Tampermonkey) here, in case you prefer that like I do.