Z-Force the Helping Clan: Journal 3 PART 2

(The following events are really happening and being recorded real time: explanation to why they take pretty long)
Read this first if you haven’t Z-Force the Helping Clan: Journal 3 PART 1


Entry 7: “At last, finally found one Syzlent, he is actually pretty funny to talk to :D”

He was also the first member who voluntarily donated gems even when I said he didn’t have to

He said he has to go though after making just 18 nuggets, anyways its alright, my new player students can do the instructions whenever they can.

Entry 8: Sois SoNice has made some progress, made 2 keys, and I decided to tell him the slower but worth it process since he said lvl 2 is hard for him. I told him to sell the keys in PWE since he isn’t lvl 10 yet to trade with others.

And speaking of progress, it seems Consistent has chosen my option 2 (read part 1 so you know what I am saying)

Oh and Sois SoNice said he’ll do mining some other time and went off

Entry 9: “Looking for some more new players”

While looking, it seems Consistent is the one who is welcoming the new arrivals too so he seems to try to be a role model to the others like me, its good :)))

Ran into one Hirvi9, he spoke another language (I think Liuthanian) first but then english, I am not name shaming him but he is the first to decline my help

It just shows that he has the spirit of a hard worker while being independent which is alright. Thought it was okay to show this since he is the first one to do this.

Entry 10: “Alright it seems I can’t find players anymore, I guess I can call it a day. See you in Journal 4”